Thursday, September 20, 2007

oh my god!

I'm alive!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Yes, I know...

It's been a while. Life has never been busier. Either that or I'm just plain lazy.
But seriously...lemme do a recap of what has happened since I last made an entry here..

1. 4d/3n trip to Bangkok
2. 2d/2n YMCA Camp : Y Camp Challenge
3. CIP
4. CIP *extra*
5. Christmas celebrations...whatever it is, i can't remember.
6. New Year gathering at Roxy Mercure. Interesting night.
7. School started.
8. *horrors of horrors!* many projects..many project groups. a logistical
9. stubbed my toe.
10. 2 weddings.
11. won a beard challenge.
12. found out I couldn't go to Japan cos I finish my exams on the 18th.
13. there's always New York and Dubai...or summer term.
14. SSC 2006
15. reading mags.found a new one called Foreign Policy.

and I have to go back to my Psychology text.

Until then...Later.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Now WTF was the last post about? Beats me, I kill myself sometimes.

Just got tagged from another friend...and this time, it's....*now where's the effing drum roll?*...*drum-roll* (there we are)..

The ABCs of Wei X

Golf rules.
Idiocy reigns,not the pizza supreme.
Kilos. many kilos.kilotonnes.
Lmao,lol..hey man,whatever rocks your boat.
Mammary glands?
Non. Jeopardy answer to "parlez vous francaise?"
Oooooooh right.Now I geddit.
Piss me off and you wish there was a flush somewhere you could use.
Q me please. Q up.
R we there yet?
S said the spider. That's how you start spelling my name.
Tiffany thimbles tremble tremendously.
Uuuuu....light up my lifffffeee. right.
V! is very very...extraordinary....and E! is even more than anyone that you adore..
When will this end?
X marks the spot. or so the legend does.
Y,oh why, I wonder.

erm.I'll probably redo this when I...uhh..want to redo it. so there you go for now. I'm not gonna tag anyone..but if anyone of you feel that you're up to it.

Feel free to do the ABCs of yourself.

Have fun.

Curiouser and curiouser...

And so I took a look at our moon today.
Grinning back at me like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland...and then I saw Venus too,close by,down south.

Strange as it seems, I've never felt more at peace, even after the last few days, where I experienced a whole gamut of emotions and perhaps, even revelations about myself.*Actually, on hindsight, it seems that I had "conveniently" forgot about things I warned myself about.* (which makes this a harder pill to swallow.) Better now than never, I'd say.

No matter, life goes on.So I live.

On a happier note, I spent the whole day reading today. Haven't done much of that these days really. The holidays have started and well,I thought it was a pretty good time to start again.These are some of the books I'm shuffling between:

1. The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton
2. Regions and Powers:The Structure of International Security by Buzan and Waever
3. The Viceroy of Ouidah by Bruce Chatwin
4. The Republic by Plato

and lastly, spent some time surfing the wonderfully lame and nonsensical EDMW where I found this quote:

"He who hesitates;masturbates."

Sheer classic.

Will be rather busy for this holiday period though...what with the continuing CSP for LTB spread throughout and a camp for YMCA in mid-Dec. I'll be going to Bangkok this coming weekend with a small circle of buddies, so that's something to look forward to at least.

Talking about living lives earlier, we all live our own lives,right? So we should derive our own interpretation of the meaning of life,eh?

Now,if you were attached or married, well, your life becomes something much more complex. It's integrated into your partner's life and vice versa, which can often be synergistically enriching...or combustible.

Taking it briefly, the above was taken on a purely individual basis.

Right...moving along, what does it take to be human?Interactions with one another? Following an established code of conduct, whether morally,ethically or legally enforced? Survival of the fittest?Who dares,wins?Who loves,perseveres? Where does it begin and where does it all end?

Believe in fate?

I was watching a travelogue on Discovery, showcasing London. Just about an hour later,I went online and chatted with my dear friend, whom I shall refer to as B1 from now on (even if I can think of several others,to which she'll probably chase after me with teriyaki sauce and rice.)...and I found out she just came back from London.

Oh yeah, I know it's a bad example. Admittedly, that wasn't a very good example of how the pre-supposedly defined "fate" works, but well, in a way, that's life in a funny kinda way,ain't it?

We make do with things.

Oh wait, maybe I'm wrong.Maybe that's how I live my life instead. I make do with what I have. I never found much favour in fighting for things because I always thought they were "wants", not "needs". Simple economics denote the expenditure of an reasonable amount of effort/efficiency for the desired effect. No point in going to extremes to milk that little amount of extra benefit.*though it's damn tempting at times.*

But we're living in the real world and we all want more, yeah?

Well,so do I.

Now then...more of what?

And after all, it's a matter of perspective and our own meaning of life, ain't it?

Oh boy, I need a break.

*surfs porn.*


Monday, November 14, 2005

Wei X was here.

Just so you know, I actually think about what to write on my blog.

Not that I manage to write anything eventually.

But I will, at least for today.

It has come to my attention that Rabiatul Adawiah Bte Mustapha had tagged me back for that 3 facts thingee.

And so, here are 3 OTHER facts about me:-

1. Contrary to popular belief,Wei X does get angry. (un)Fortunately, only really close friends have seen me get royally pissed..and that's like, yeah, just the handful of you (probably just Geri and Shireen). Even then, that was almost 6 years ago. That being said though, i haven't blown my top for a loooooooooonnnngggg time. hua hee tio ho. ai zai.

2. one reason why i haven't found myself falling in love with anyone is because of something I did in early 2001. I'm able to convince myself into doing things really..sounds almost psychotic, but thankfully, I'm morally sane. well, most of the time anyway. Oh, I'm not going to say what I did. That remains in the heart.

3. i detest porn.

like, who am i kidding anyway?

You know, i was meandering through a maze of illusions and thoughts on this question posed by cuiling recently, 'What do I want?'.


I got it.

For a start, I'll end here.

My first want : Sleep.

Good night and good flight.
for when you wake,
it's a different sight.

wei x.2005.

"wei x was a guy who got too fat.
He went sunbathing one day,
and they called for a vet."

i'll be back in 2 weeks.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Me-on-Me : 3 Facts

Thanks Gav for the tag. Now I got to crack my head thinking about 3 facts about myself.

Lemme see.....

Fact #1 :......


Fuck man. This is hard!

ok...I'll try again. *squints in apt concentration*

Fact #1 : "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is one of my favourite songs. Ever. I use it as a 'pick-me-up'. I hum it to myself whenever I'm feeling bad. It's a personal thing, I guess. *grin*

Fact #2 : My jazz music collection was kick-started by Stephenie Lee, beloved sister of my dear friend, Cuil..Geri. She sent me my first song, Misty by Sarah Vaughn, through the long-forgotten ICQ. Looking back, I was young and impressionable then.Just as well that she didn't send me any stuff by Coal Chamber. Anyway, I know what jazz was like..but i didn't like it that much before. Ahh well, things haven't really been the same since then. I still don't know much about all that jazz...but well, Stef Lee, she's the catalyst. so there.

and last but not least (i really hope),

Fact #3 : The toilet is where I do most of my thinking. Nothing beats sitting on a toilet bowl, doing what needs to be done and pondering about the meaning of life. More often than not, I find myself formulating my own plans and policies in the toilet.This is why having a good toilet is one of my key considerations when looking for accommodation etc whilst planning for holidays. And no, I do not eat in the toilet. There has to be a limit somewhere.

So...there you go. 3 possibly unknown peculiarities of mine.

Catch ya later.

I'll need to make a trip to the toilet.


Oh wait!

I got to tag 3 people to carry on the I tag:

1) Geri

2) Deborah

3) Ah Bia


Well, here I am. Again.

Of which the above proclamation is really uncalled for, since I'm the self-proclaimed supreme ruler, His Royal Highness, the absolute monarch...erm...(ahh well,you get the idea.) of this bloggie, so I got every right to be here..and well, it has become a liability of late, somewhat.

I've started school at SMU. It's been close to 2 months now. How was(is) it?

I've made many new friends, met a couple of old ones.Can't say much for any enemies, not much luck there yet, but I'm doing my best. Honestly, quite a lot of pretty girls. Can't say much for the guys though. (yeah, it's a sorry sight.) School work's ok. It's still manageable...until my Stats test and final exam. After which I can perhaps consolidate my place in Hell. Found myself in a quaint & cohesive 'lil project team for a module I'm taking; Team Red Eye; but that's another story for another...

Actually, I'll link the team blog here so you can go check it out yourself.It should explain everything.

Above all, it's been a semi-charmed kinda life. A bittersweet symphony rather.(Kudos to Third Eye Blind and The Verve!)

As I drudge through the numerous emails and blogs I have missed out on reading for the last 2 months, I've been thinking to myself, "So how's it gonna be?Is this all there is to it..for the next 4 years of my life?"

Me thinks me may be going through a quarter-life crisis. Ahh well, nothing like a little existential angst to shake my fundamentals to the core.

Omnia mutantur, nihil interit.

Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.

I haven't lost anything, have I?



Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A missed opportunity...or not.

See the guy with the shaggy hair, dressed all in black, in the picture? That's Neil Gaiman. THE Neil Gaiman. The one who brought you The Sandman Anthology, American Gods, Neverwhere..and that wonderful funny novel, Good Omens, in collaboration with Terry Pratchett, amongst many other stories.

Honestly, I thought there weren't many people who knew about Neil Gaiman. The Sandman catered to niche graphic novel it ain't exactly a conventional comic. Plus, his stories, mostly contemporary fantasy, with bits of mythtology and horror weaved into the storylines,do not belong to the category of mainstream fiction either.

Boy, was I dead wrong.

I knew he was coming to Singapore in early July since like...June, when I saw the promotional poster at Kino. Thing was,news of him coming to Singapore have been hinted in his journal since like...forever. Some of us at Katoots have even thought of starting an online petition to get him to ACTUALLY come to Singapore.

When I first saw the poster at Kino, it was like a dream come true. I vowed to get my books and comics signed by the maestro. And since, I thought..well,as he ain't THAT popular in Singapore, it may be an easy task.

Did I say I was dead wrong?

Fast forward to 5 July 2005. The book signing at Kino was scheduled to start at 6.30pm. I wanted to take some time off to go early and queue, but as there was quite a bit of work to be done, I left the office at 5.30pm. I'd planned to take the cab and reach Kino at 6pm...which would give me a leeway of 30mins.

Happily I boarded the cab and reached Kino at 6pm. Went in through the main entrance and saw that there weren't a lot of people. Was secretly pleased. But as I passed the magazine section and walked further in... LO AND BEHOLD! HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE were already in queue. The queue snaked along the shelves and around the central area (i.e. where the escalators are.) of the store. Security began to count the number of people and after like...200-300 people, they told the rest in queue to come back later at 8.30pm, where he would hold an extra session.

I was contemplating of whether I should hang around and wait...but as I didn't foreseeably see myself getting his autographs that night, I left with the hope of getting them the day after, where another session would be held at Borders@Wheelock at 6.30pm too.

So the next day, I left the office early at 4pm. When I reached there at 4.30pm, my heart sank even further. I asked around and found out that the queue started forming at 1pm and by 5pm, the queue put it simply, kinda like the "Hello Kitty" queues.

I began to ask myself, "Do I really want his autograph THAT much?"

Not really. I mean, it's great to have them...but if not,well,nothing lost either.

So I called a friend and waited for him to arrive so that we could go for dinner. When he arrived, he told me how long the queue was...*basically, it almost went around the whole of Wheelock Place* and I just smiled and said, "Fuck lah..let's go eat."

We had a leisurely dinner @ Far East and when we finished at 8pm, we decided to take a walk down to Taka to shop. I harboured hopes that if the queue was short enough by then, I'ld queue, get my autographs and get out. So we walked to the junction just opposite Wheelock...and saw that there were still people queuing OUTSIDE Wheelock Place.

I'll pass.

Never knew he was so popular in Singapore.But I'm okay with NOT getting his signature.I mean, it's just a signature after all. To me...Content is what really matters.

And so, I hope he keeps those stories coming. Next big project: Mirrormask.

Check the links below for the trailers and teasers!

And this clip is nice's a creepy rendition of The Carpenter's Close to You, but it adds just the right touch to the theme of the clip.

*Sour grapes? Maybe..but life goes on lah. hehe. Hua hee tio ho!*

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

At long last.


My first post in 2 months. I really should be more diligent in updating this bloggie of mine.

In any case, there have been rapid and erm,sweeping developments since my last written entry on June 4th.

I'm now officially a student of SMU i.e. "Sibeh Mafan University". I would have preferred KMU..."KNNSB Mafan University" But, I shouldn't diss my new school too much. I'm gonna be slogging there for the next 4(or 3) years. I'll be taking up the Bachelor of Social Science. Might probably major in Poli Sci or Psychology.

(To set the record straight, if you didn't know already, SMU stands for Singapore Management University.)

Funny thing was, just after I matriculated in July, I received an email from MFA (i.e. Ministry of Foreign Affairs) about a job opening, asking me to apply. I had indicated my interest and sent them my CV last year(or was it 2 years ago?) but as there were no vacancies, they said they'd let me know if there was one in future. It's probably fate that I matriculated first. And it probably saved me a headache because I would be torn between the 2 choices.

And of course, all these mean that I have resigned from my job at LTA.It's been a wonderful and enlightening 13 months.Made a few good friends and experienced many things such as drafting and publishing legislation and prosecution.

Oh..and I saw Neil Gaiman when he came down to Singapore for a book tour. That, in itself, is another story,which I will commentate in a short while.

In other news, I have seen a number of nice movies, read a few books, played a few games, scared myself silly by playing Fatal Frame 2 in the dark, killed a few people, ate at some fancy-schmancy restaurants, shot a couple of porn films, did a poor job in clearing my room, pillaged 2 villages, got an Ipod Shuffle, stayed at Raffles the Plaza during NDP for the fireworks, had a couple of birthday surprises (Ah Bia and Sharon), did work, slacked a bit, tried to study Statistics, aaannnnnddd...made some new friends from school in the last 2 months.

I think, as much I can recall, that's all that transpired during this blog's "Dark Age".

And for that matter, let the New Age begin.

The Renaissance will have to wait. (Or until as soon as I know the HTML script for embedding a song in here...and of course, altering the template of this blog.)


(Like know, the sound a goldfish makes? that I see it, it reminds me of..Cuiling. *heh*)